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Celite Cynergy® Increases Production Efficiency

Celite Cynergy® is a beer stabilizing diatomite product that filters like diatomaceous earth (kieselguhr) and cold stabilizes like silica gel, yet performs better than conventional diatomaceous earth and silica gel. When utilizing Celite Cynergy® material volume decreases, resulting in reduced waste, less cleaning and more storage space, thereby increasing beer production without expanding filtration and stabilization equipment.

Some background...

Over the last decade IMERYS Filtration & Performance Additives has led a renaissance in beer filtration. Every aspect of the filter aid and beer interface has been investigated – from beer chemistry to diatomaceous earth particle size, shape and density. This research has provided IMERYS with the depth of understanding and the control of pore size and absorption properties in Diatomaceous Earth, which has made Celite Cynergy® possible. IMERYS is also the leader in diatomaceous earth production and quality systems, with over fifty million dollars in investments in its flagship filter aids plant in 2008.

Innovations in diatomaceous earth usage and environmentally friendly filtration remain important to IMERYS. Every year, our new filter aids are expanding possibilities for breweries around the globe.


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