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What is Celite Cynergy®?

Celite Cynergy® is a diatomite-based beer stabilizing and clarification product.


How does Celite Cynergy® differ from conventional diatomaceous earth filter aid?

It is similar to conventional diatomite (kieselguhr) in appearance and bulk chemistry. The primary difference is that filtration performance is improved due to a 15-35% reduction in cake volume. (Typically, xerogel users see a 15-25% reduction while hydrogel users see a 25-35% reduction.) This filter cake reduction is due to the elimination of a separate processing aid (i.e. silica-based beer stabilizer) during filtration.


Advantages of Celite Cynergy®

BulletImproved filtration performance
BulletOne less step in brewing
BulletContinued use of existing filtration equipment
BulletReduced cost and complexity



Properties of Celite Cynergy®


Beer stabilization and clarification product
Origin Marine diatomite
Wet Density (g/L) 384
150 Mesh Screen Analysis (% retained) 1.5
Moisture, as shipped (%) 1.0
Surface area (BET, m2/g) 65
SiO2 92.4
Al2O3 3.3
Fe2O3 1.5
CaO 0.8
MgO 0.6
K2O 0.6
Na2O 0.5


The physical properties of the products represent typical values obtained in accordance with Imerys test methods and are subject to manufacturing variations. They are provided here as a general reference only, are subject to change without notice, and should not be relied on for any particular application.


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